Aliases: Turk
Location: Constantinople
Role: Fortune Seeker
First Appearance: The Hanged Man
Portrayed by: Alexander Siddig

Al-Rahim was a Turk who visited Florence for a time.


While there, he was reprimanded by Medici guards. Leonardo da Vinci saved him from harm after quickly fighting the guards away. Al-Rahim thanked him and tipped him to come and see him in the Inn of the Black Swan where he was staying. Leonardo agreed and when he arrived he was given a tobacco pipe in order to stimulate his visions. Al-Rahim requested that Leonardo explain his vision. Considering the dream, Al-Rahim told Leonardo to take precautions and slow steps in his life in order for him to survive. The Turk, was interested in discovering the Book of Leaves and requested that the extraordinaire artist find it for him.


Series One